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Terms of Service

In general, we allow you to use your hosting account to perform activities which are constituted as LEGAL by the law of the Kingdom of Cambodia.

SPAM (Sending Unsolicited Email), Phishing, and Fraud

You may not perform any of these activities. The offender will have their service suspended until valid explanation is provided. Our abuse department will locate abusive servers based on public blacklist monitors, abuse reporting from external networks, and other means. If our abuse department receives a report or otherwise becomes aware of abuse-related activities active on our network, we will identify the Web Hosting the abuse was initially sent from (via IP and, in some cases by domain) and create a ticket on behalf of the user who occupies the Web Hosting with information regarding the abuse such as logs describing the abuse and an explanation of what abuse took place.

When Sethika Enterprise, receives any abuse, spam, phishing, fraud complaints, the standard procedure taken is: An abuse ticket in the Client Area is opened, and it serves as notification that our abuse department has received reports of abuse originating from the server. We require a client response to ALL abuse tickets within 24 hours of the ticket being opened. Typically no service will be suspended or filtered within the first 24 hours of an abuse ticket being opened.


You may not violate copyrights of any kind. Sethika Enterprise takes violations of DMCA very seriously. When Sethika Enterprise, receives any DMCA complaints, the standard procedure taken is:

A ticket in the Client Area is opened as a warning, providing 24 hours to resolve the situation. After 24 hours with no client response, Account being suspended and the issue not having been resolved, All client data will be destroyed immediately.

Hosting Torrents & Torrent Trackers

You may not host any illegal torrent or torrent tracker in your hosting account. You are allowed to, however, host LEGAL torrents, such as CentOS, Ubuntu distributions.

Hosting Copyrighted Material Without Proper Author's Permission

You may not host any copyrighted material unless you have obtained proper permission from the author.

Violates a script's License

This includes, but not limited to, removing a script's copyright without proper permission from the author.


You may not host any material that can be categorized as pornography, including legal pornography. You may, however, host art with nudity.